Friday, July 8, 2011

My Mom Got To Hang Out With My Favorite Author....Eric Wight!

Last week my Mom (@shannonmmiller) went to Philadelphia to a big meeting called ISTE.  She presented about being a librarian and using technology with us kids.  She has a lot of friends there but made new ones too.

She stayed with her friend Joyce after ISTE and on Friday she met my FAVORITE author Eric Wight!  I couldn't believe it when she told me that she just had lunch with him.  I was so bummed I wasn't there too. She told me that he was super cool and really nice. I asked her if he was like Frankie Pickle.

Mom didn't tell me that Eric gave her some things to give to me.  You will never believe what he gave me!?!?!?!  He signed one of the first copies of his new book Frankie Pickle, The Mathematical Menace for me!  He told Mom that he got them that day.  He also gave her two pickle pins, a thing for my door, a little game card and a really awesome banner that says Frankie Pickle.  

Frankie Pickle, the Mathematical Menace doesn't come out until the end of July so I felt really lucky.  

I was so excited that he signed my new book just like the first two I got from Mr. Schu.  I couldn't wait to read this one too.  I loved all of the new pictures that Eric drew.  

I took the Frankie Pickle flag and put in my Bat Cave with all of my cars and trucks.  I think it makes a pretty good banner for that.  It could be called the Frankie Pickle Bat Cave.  My Mom told me that Eric loves super heros so I bet he would like that too.  

You can read more about Eric on this website.  He is also on Twitter @eric_wight and even has a Facebook page for Frankie Pickle himself.  

And this week, Frankie Pickle and Argyle took off with Mr. Schu on his road trip that he always takes with his friend Donna.  Eric created Frankie Pickle and Argyle just for their road trip out West.  

I have been having fun watching where Frankie will show up next.  You can go to Mr. Schu's blog Watch. Connect. Read. to follow them too.  

So if you like adventures, fun stories and kids who use their imagination.....check out the Frankie Pickle books!  

I know you will love them just like me! 

And Eric....THANK YOU the awesome things you gave my Mom for me.  I LOVE your new book and cannot wait to share it with my friends when school starts.  


  1. Hi, Hagan! I love your blog. Thank you for posting pictures of Frankie's road trip. I mailed you some postcards.

  2. Hi Hagan,
    Thanks for filling me in on Mom's adventures after I delivered her to Eric. (I thought he was super cool too!)

    I love your blog! It is so full of energy and it shows your wonderful eagerness to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing with your super-powerful kid voice! (I think you need a hero name.)

    And thank you for sharing your love of reading! I hope you inspire other kids. May I blog about you?

    I also hope I can visit Iowa someday and that you will show me around the Bat Cave and your growing collection of special books.

    Hugs to you, my new friend, and please send my love to Mom.


  3. Hi John and Joyce,

    John...Thank you. We are having so much fun following you on your road trip. I cannot wait to go to Colorado with my family this week too. I am brining my Frankie Pickle books. :) Just wait till you see all the pictures I will take too.

    Joyce...Thank you too. My Mom has told me all about you. :) I would love to have you come and see my Bat Cave and all of the cool things I have been reading. And yes, you can blog about me. I would like that.

    My Mom says hi and sends LOVE to you too. :)

    Love, Hagan

  4. Well, Hagan, it's quite the summer you're having, and it's only July! Enjoy your books and your adventures. Hugs from the Adirondacks!

  5. Hey Hagan...I love your blog. The book sounds awesome. I'm actually heading for the library now with Nic, Noelle, and my mom and I might check out that book.

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  7. Hey Hagan...I'm going to the library right now with Luc and Noelle. We're going to look for that book.

  8. Super Hagan To the Rescue!
    With another Fantastic post about his (and his super cool Mom, Shannon's) Awesome adventures this summer! I love your bat cave!

  9. Hey Hagan,,,Just wanted you to know that Luc and Nic got Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom. We can't wait to start it. Thanks for getting us interested in Frankie Pickle!