Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots of aWeSoMe in Fort Collins

The first stop on our vacation was Fort Collins where my Great Aunt Mary and Uncle Pat live.  I was really excited to meet Pat for the first time and see Aunt Mary again.  I was also going to meet their kids....Arlo, Vanessa and Stuart.  And Arlo's girl Jasmine.  
The first thing I did was make friends with their dog, Max.  The minute I got there he wanted to play catch with me.  Pat let me throw the ball in this little holder that made the ball go far. 
And another thing Max could do was run in the road because they lived at a dead end.  It was so much fun throwing the ball and having him run to get it over and over again.
I really liked hanging out with Pat.  I told him all about Frankie Pickle and how I was taking pictures of me reading all over the place this summer.  We thought it would be a good place outside on his swing.  Pat tried to get my bookmark....I was giving him a look in this picture.  :) 
I went to the park after dinner with Pat and Mary.  Then Pat taught me how to play Parcheesi.  He thought I was very good at math.  It was so much fun.  
When we were in Fort Collins we met Mom's friends Kelly and Michelle for lunch at Rio Grande. They are both teachers too and very nice. We ate outside and after I ate I threw pennies in the fountain with my wishes.
 We took a picture can barely see me.
The next morning we went to a fun place for breakfast called Snooze.  Brianna and I had fresh apple juice while we waited for our table.
I had blueberry lemon bar pancakes and sausage.  Mom had a sweet potato pancake and Brianna had a red velvet pancake. They were all so good. It was like eating dessert for breakfast.
After breakfast we walked around the downtown area.  There was music, food, water and lots of people.  I found this big bear to read Frankie Pickle by for a little bit.
And we were excited to find this shop.....The Bike Library.  There was a sign in their window that said, "Come check us out and check out a bike."  It was just like a library with books.  I brought Frankie Pickle to read here too. 
After two days of being in Fort Collins, it was time to go to Estes Park for a week.  When we left, Pat and Mary had us follow them on their really cool motorcycle through the mountains.  It was a back way that went by a giant lake with lots of boats on it.
When we got to Masonville, we said goodbye to Pat and Mary.  I love my new friend, Pat (or Popeye as I liked to call him).  I had so much fun playing with him, Stuart and Max.  

It was so aWeSoMe at Pat and Mary's.

Fort Collins is pretty awesome too.  I can't wait to go back again. 


  1. Wow! I'm glad you're having such a good trip. I really like the photo of you reading with the bear.

  2. Hagan, it was so nice meeting you and your family in Fort Collins! I had fun watching you throw the coins in the fountain at Rio Grande. Hopefully, we will get to go to the Omaha Zoo together before I move to Colorado. :-) I love your blog and really enjoy reading about your Summer of Awesome!

  3. Hey Hagan...Great post. I love hearing about your trip. Just to let you know, Luc and Nic LOVED Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom. We can't wait to read the others.

  4. That bear makes an interesting reading partner! I hope you have an atlas or map where you're marking all the places you've visited. You'll have so much to share when you return to school as a first grader :-)