Friday, December 9, 2011

My AWESOME Trip To See Uncle Mike In Dallas

Yesterday was an AWESOME day for me!  I flew on an airplane to see my Uncle Mike.  He lives by Dallas in a city called Frisco.  
Mom and Brianna, my sister, brought Dad and I to the airport after school.  I was so excited and gave them a giant hug.  My Dad let me sit by the window on the airplane.
Uncle Mike was so happy to see me!  He took us to his favorite Mexican restaurant.     
 I had taco's and they were great.
 Uncle Mike and I sat on saddles.  We are in the west.
And I didn't just get to see Uncle Mike.  I also am visiting Wrigley, his giant cat.

This is going to be so much fun.   :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank you for the EduBlog Award Nomination

I am so excited tonight because my Mom just told me that Hagan's World of Awesome was nominated for an Edublog Award.   These awards are given out to bloggers all over the world.
 You can see my nomination page here. 
Thank you for nominating my blog.  I cannot wait to tell all of my friends and teachers tomorrow at school.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Have Been Up To Some Pretty AWESOME Things!

I have had a really busy and AWESOME month. I am going to share a few of the things that have happened.

I become a TIGER CUB!  I was so excited to go to my first meetings.  I even went to my friend Tico's house for our den meeting last week.  It was a lot of fun.  I got my first badge.

I play football in Waukee on a YMCA league.  We practice on Thursday nights and have games on Sunday afternoons.  I like my new friends.  We are a pretty good team.  I play all of the positions.
We had Homecoming at Van Meter. My friends and I dressed up for the different days. This is a few of us on Blue and White Day (those are the colors for the Bulldogs).
 I liked seeing Brianna before the dance. She is pretty.  Skog, Meg, and Brianna went together.

I went to the Science Center in Des Moines with my friend Will.  We liked making tornados in the bottles, playing in the farm, and building LEGO racers.

My Mom and I stay after school everyday so she can work on her library stuff.  She gets me pieces of giant paper so I can draw pictures.
Lately, I have been drawing pictures of pirates and the life on a pirate ship.  

My teacher Miss Saylor is helping me become a great reader.  I read these little books three times at home and then take them back to get more.  I love reading.  
I have gotten some pretty cool books over the last few weeks.  Mommy's friend, Mr. Schu, sent me Will You Be My Friend by Peter Brown.  My classmates and I LOVED this book.
I also received Bee-Wigged from the author and illustrator CeCe Bell.  Mommy met CeCe at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C.  After she told CeCe how much I loved Bee-Wigged, she just knew that she had to send me my very own.  

Thank you Peter and CeCe for such great books and ones that my friends and I love to read.  

I can't wait to see what exciting adventure is up next!  :) 

Friday, September 9, 2011

My AWESOME Week At School Ended With A NEW Friend

This was an awesome week!  My sister and I loved that we had an extra day of the weekend with Labor Day.  I played, ate popsicles, and even read outside.  My Dad and I went to the zoo and watched football.
I can't believe it is the fourth week of school.  We have been in school for 18 days to be exact.  

I have been thinking of new places to read so Mom can take more pictures of me for the WHERE WE READ AND WRITE cabinet at school.  This is right outside of my Mom's library so I get to look at the pictures kids from our school and Mr. Schu's school took over the summer.  I love the picture of the boy reading by the kangaroo and the one hanging upside down in the tree.  
One of my favorite times of day is after school in the library.  It is just me and my Mom  I love to draw with all of the markers and colored pencils she has. I have giant paper in her office (and lots of snacks in her fridge too).  
Today I drew a picture of the Blacksmith in my LEGO's. The blacksmith had a lot of helpers so they had a battle.
 I like to draw the little LEGO guys.....even the color of clothes they are wearing. 

BUT, the BEST thing that happened at school all week long happened TODAY, on Friday!  When my Mom got the mail today, she had a package from Mr. Schu.

When I went to the library for class today, she surprised ME and my whole class with Peter Brown's brand new book YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND.  Mr. Schu was lucky enough to have Peter come to visit his school library this week.  When he was there, John had Peter sign my book.  It says, "You WILL be my friend, Hagan."
I am excited that it is the weekend.  I have been trying to think about what I want to do.  I just told my Mom that I would really like to have a friend over.  I hope it works out.

And I hope you have a SUPER FUN weekend too.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Day I Brought My AWESOME Dog to School

My third week of school started off great.  I got a "Pet Pass" for getting 30 PBS tickets.  We get these tickets for being good and helpful. 
I was happy all day because I knew that Charlie was going to come at 3:00pm, right after library and computer time.  When he got to school, I took him out of the kennel and held him for a few seconds.  Then he took off around the room to see my friends.
Everyone loved Charlie.  It was the happiest part of our day.  
My friends and teacher asked me questions about Charlie.  It was fun to tell them what Charlie ate, how old me was, and some of the naughty things he did when he was little.
It was nice of Miss Saylor to let me bring my dog.  I like her because she reads picture books and chapter books at snack time.  She is my friend.  Miss Saylor has a cat named Murphy.  I love the stories she tells about Murphy.  I am happy she got to meet Charlie today.
Another fun thing we did today at school was go on a scavenger hunt to find the Gingerbread Man during library.  My Mom made little QR codes and put them all over the place.  We first went to the art room and scanned the QR codes with the iTouches.
 After we scanned the code, Ben and I watched it load.
We were excited to see Mrs. Broderick, the art teacher.  But this wasn't the Gingerbread Man!  Mom said that we could scan the rest of the QR codes next week and hopefully find him.  

This weekend we have three days at home.  I am excited.  We are going to go to the zoo, stay up late, and watch movies.  

I hope you have a good Labor Day too.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My AWESOME First Week of 1st Grade....and my blog has a new name!

First, I hope everyone noticed that I changed the name of my blog.  

It is now called "Hagan's World of Awesome" because the summer is over.  

This week was my first week of 1st grade.  I was so excited to go back to see my friends and be with my Mom and sister at school.
My sister is in 12th grade this year. She is going to graduate. It makes me sad to think about her not being at school everyday. 
My Mom will teach me in the library every week.  I like going there to get books and listen to my Mom read new books to us. This year we have a loft to read in.  I am happy my Mom got this in the library (I always ask my Mom if it is for reading or playing in).
In 1st grade, we all get to have our own locker in the hallway.  I was excited to see my friend Carter was right next to me.

My sister and her friends like to hang out in the the library upstairs.  This is Jessica (I call her Skog because her last name is Skogerson) and Ryan.  I like hanging out with them too.
Sometimes after school I go home with Brianna and Skog....we always have fun.
When Brianna was in kindergarten, Mom started the tradition of always making a Bus Cake on the first day of school.  Brianna and I made the cake when we got home and then Mom cut it out for us.
We use lots of candy and frosting.  We get to decorate anyway we want.
The little green gummy bear is the bus driver and the piece of licorice is his door. I lined up lots of gummy bears to look like the kids.  

I wrote "Bri and Hagan's First Day of School" on our cake.
I love the cake that we made.  Even though this is Brianna's last year of school, I hope she always helps me make my Bus Cake on the first day.
I had an AWESOME first week of school.  I missed my dog, Charlie and hanging out with my family during the day, but I had a lot of fun in Miss Saylor's room.  I can't wait to learn how to read and write better this year.   

It is going to be great.