Sunday, August 21, 2011

My AWESOME First Week of 1st Grade....and my blog has a new name!

First, I hope everyone noticed that I changed the name of my blog.  

It is now called "Hagan's World of Awesome" because the summer is over.  

This week was my first week of 1st grade.  I was so excited to go back to see my friends and be with my Mom and sister at school.
My sister is in 12th grade this year. She is going to graduate. It makes me sad to think about her not being at school everyday. 
My Mom will teach me in the library every week.  I like going there to get books and listen to my Mom read new books to us. This year we have a loft to read in.  I am happy my Mom got this in the library (I always ask my Mom if it is for reading or playing in).
In 1st grade, we all get to have our own locker in the hallway.  I was excited to see my friend Carter was right next to me.

My sister and her friends like to hang out in the the library upstairs.  This is Jessica (I call her Skog because her last name is Skogerson) and Ryan.  I like hanging out with them too.
Sometimes after school I go home with Brianna and Skog....we always have fun.
When Brianna was in kindergarten, Mom started the tradition of always making a Bus Cake on the first day of school.  Brianna and I made the cake when we got home and then Mom cut it out for us.
We use lots of candy and frosting.  We get to decorate anyway we want.
The little green gummy bear is the bus driver and the piece of licorice is his door. I lined up lots of gummy bears to look like the kids.  

I wrote "Bri and Hagan's First Day of School" on our cake.
I love the cake that we made.  Even though this is Brianna's last year of school, I hope she always helps me make my Bus Cake on the first day.
I had an AWESOME first week of school.  I missed my dog, Charlie and hanging out with my family during the day, but I had a lot of fun in Miss Saylor's room.  I can't wait to learn how to read and write better this year.   

It is going to be great.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My AWESOME Day at the Iowa State Fair......I even milked a cow!

Today my family and I went to the Iowa State Fair.  It is usually super hot but today was a nice day to go. We go to the fair every year.  The Iowa State Fair has been here since 1886 so it is 125 years old.  
I love going to the fair with my sister, Brianna.  She loves the fair too.
The first thing we saw were the chickens and ducks that people grow to show at the fair.  This chicken had the CRAZIEST look I have ever seen!  My Dad even thought one of the chickens sounded like a barking dog.  It was funny.  
I went through the entrance that said KIDS ONLY....It took me to a super cool wooden train that I played on with other kids.
In Pioneer Hall you can find all kinds of old old Star Wars toys, tanks, airplanes, and lots of other stuff people use to play with and have in their house.  I found this old phone.  I have never seen a phone like this so Mom and Dad told me about it.  I wonder if my Grandpa and Grandma still have theirs somewhere.  
I was so excited when my Mom told me that LEGO was going to be at the Iowa State Fair.  There were all kinds of LEGO animals (like this lion), stages to dance and have fun, and cool places to build with all kinds of LEGO's.
I built a SUPER fast race car and raced it down the track.  In this picture, my car is crashing.  It was so much fun!  
In the Knapp Education Center, there were all kinds of baby animals being born today.  We saw baby calves, lambs, piglets, sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens.  I was so surprised when we saw these babies.  My sister first thought they were baby porcupines.  Can you guess what they are?  

They are actually baby ostriches!  We thought they were so cute.  
The Iowa State Fair is famous for their Butter Cow.  
This year the Butter Cow is celebrating its 100th Birthday (just like my Great Grandma Hazel).  In the Varied Industries Building, where the Butter Cow lives, there is a GIANT birthday card.  My family and I signed the card.
I wonder how many people will sign the Butter Cow's birthday card?  
Every year they create a special butter sculpture.  Last year they had Dr. Seuss butter sculptures.  This year they made a copy of the very first Butter Cow sculpture that was at the Iowa State Fair in 1911.  My Mom loved the butterfly that was on the girls finger.  
Next up was the Giant Slide.  This has been at the Iowa State Fair for a long time.  
My Dad and I rode down the Giant Slide.  Brianna and Mom listened to me scream and laugh coming down the slide.  I loved it.
There are always BIG bulls, pigs, and sheep at the fair.  Bubba was the Champion Big Bull this year.
Bubba is as big as my Mom's truck.
I was excited to see that I could milk a real cow.  The guy told me to pet her first when I sat down.
And then he showed me how to milk the cow.  I can't wait to tell Grandpa what I got to do.  
There were ceramic cows decorated all over the fairgrounds to celebrate the Butter Cow's 100th birthday.  
So, as you can see the fair was awesome.  It will be here for 8 more days so I might get to go back again this week.  

Tomorrow I start first grade at Van Meter School.  I went for open house last week and brought all of my school supplies.  They are in my desk and locker, so I am ready to go. 

I hope you are too!  

(p.s. Just wait.....Next time you read my blog it will have a NEW title.  It is a surprise. :) 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My AWESOME Week on Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

Last week I went to my Grandpa and Grandma's house. They live on a farm between Shellsburg and Vinton in Iowa. My Mom, Aunt Heather and Uncle Ryan grew up on this farm.

I love being outside on the farm. It is fun to ride on the 3-wheeler with Grandpa.  My Mom told me the story about getting the 3-wheeler when she was young. Santa left the key in their stocking.
Grandpa goes really fast around the grain bins. This is super fun! I hope someday when I am big he will let me drive it too.  
Grandpa made a swing in a great big tree. I love it when he pushes me high. This is something all of my cousins like to do too.
My Grandma has cool flowers all over their farm. She works really hard on making them look pretty.
My Grandpa, Great Uncle Vernon and Uncle Ryan grow beans and corn in all of their fields. This is a picture of me standing in front of the beans. They are growing fast.
There was a big wind storm a few weeks ago and a lot of the corn was blown over. The corn was already really tall so now it is laying on the ground in some spots. It is A LOT taller than I am.
The grove of trees at Grandpa and Grandma's house was ruined in the wind storm. These trees have been there for probably 97 years so it is sad. I will help Grandpa plant some new trees.
I love riding in the scoop up tractor that belongs to Uncle Ryan. They scoop up branches, leaves, dirt and snow with this tractor.
Grandpa gives me rides around their farm and we ride down the road to Uncle Ryan's house too.
Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly live in the house where Grandpa lived from the time he was a baby.  My Great Grandma Hazel is 100 years old now so she lives in town in a retirement home.  My cousins Grayce, Cooper and baby Zoey are so much fun to hang out with I visit.  I wish I lived closer to all of them...and my cousins Cameron, Riley and Carson too.
After my busy days on the farm I always sleep good.  Especially because Grandma has a Hawkeye blanket.  

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for having me at your house.  I love coming to the farm with all of you.