Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day of Reading At The Zoo

We didn't have school today because it was Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is when we put flowers on my Grandpa Eddie's grave and for all soldiers who protect us. 

When we got to the zoo, I got a map. I was looking for the elephants and penguins.  They didn't have any at the Blank Park Zoo.  My Mom helped me look for the kangaroos and giraffes.

The first fun place I read was on this swinging bridge over the water.  I was looking at the map to tell everyone what was up next.

I learned a lot at the zoo reading about the different animals.  These things told me what they ate, where they lived, and how long they lived.

My sister Brianna is on her cell phone a lot. Here we are both reading....Me on the zoo map and Bri on her phone.

My friend Mr. Schu sent me Squish #1: Super Amoeba by Jennifer and Matt Holm.  They visited his school library at Brook Forest about a month ago and everyone had so much fun meeting them.  Mr. Schu always sends me the best books from people who visit his school. (Thank you, Mr. Schu....YOU ROCK!)

I brought Squish in my backpack. One place I told Mom I wanted to read this summer was on the train at the zoo.  Earlier I rode on the camel but couldn't hold my book, so here you can see the one I rode.

And here I am reading Squish in a jeep.  It looks like I am in the jungle.  I hope I get to ride in a jeep in Colorado this summer too.  I want to go up into the mountains.  

We took a lot of pictures today at the zoo so I made this fun video to show you more of my adventure. 

Tomorrow we go back to school. I only have two days of kindergarten left.  I love kindergarten!  I will blog about the last few days and share some pictures too! 

I hope you liked my trip to the zoo.  I loved it.  

I Love To Draw Stories

I love to draw.

I tell stories with my drawings.

I have a lot of different drawing pads and journals I use.  This weekend I have used my new "Hagan's Summer of Awesome" journal to write new stories.  This is me as a kindergarten pirate.

My Mom read a book to us in the library called The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon.  It was a good book about a little girl who needed glasses and had to wear an eye patch for awhile to fix her eyes. My story reminds me of that book.  

We are going to the zoo today. I can't wait to tell you about my trip.  I am bringing two books with me so Mom and Brianna can take pictures of me reading around the zoo.

Have a happy Memorial Day.  Go do something fun.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guess where I am going to read, draw, and write this summer?

My name is Hagan. I live in a small town in Iowa. Wednesday is my last day of kindergarten. I am excited but will miss my teacher Miss McClintock (who is actually my cousin too) and friends this summer. I hope I get to see them at baseball, the park, and at the pool. They can come to my house and play too.
Today in the car, my Mom and I were talking about the summer. I told her that when we go on vacation to Colorado I am going to read on a horse in the mountains. I want her to take my picture for this contest that we are having at school. I am also going to draw all of the things we see on our way.

My mom Shannon is Mrs. Miller the librarian at Van Meter School and she told us about this fun reading contest called Silly Summerstakes. Mom and her friend Mr. Schu want all of the kids at our two schools to send photos reading in the coolest places this summer.

She asked me where else I could read and I thought about a ton of places....on the giant slide at the Iowa State Fair, at Grandpa and Grandma's farm, on my cousin Cooper's trampoline, on our porch swing, on my cousin Cameron's swing set, on the rock stairs in our back yard, with Uncle Ryan's pigs, in my Mom's big chair (that is where I am reading with her iPad) and at the beach. I want my sister Brianna to read, write, and draw with me too.

When I told Mom I wanted to start a new journal for the summer, she thought it would be fun for me to have my own blog. She asked me what I would call it and I said, "Hagan's Summer of Awesome." We stopped and bought a new journal (my first picture is me reading on a horse in the mountains), created this blog, and I started drawing a new picture to show you later.

I hope you like what I do this summer. Have a fun day. I am going outside to play basketball now.