Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Awesome Sunday....A Picnic, Reading Outside and Creating A Toontastic Comic Story

I am having an AWESOME Sunday with my family.  My Dad went golfing for Father's Day so Brianna, Mom and I are hanging out at home.  I made them a picnic and we ate outside on our deck.  

Brianna invited me to come and hang out with her when Mommy worked on things for ISTE. 

We even took our books outside to read.  I looked at a Car's iSpy book from our school library.  I love iSpy books and the Scholastic iSpy game on the internet.  

When I came inside for a break we tried out another new app on the iPad.  This one is called Toontastic. It costs only $1.00 in the iTunes store.

With Toontastic, you can create your own stories using different scenes, characters, music and effects. I created a story about pirates, knights and space monsters.  

Using Toontastic was really fun and easy.  You get to pick the characters and scene that you want and then move them around, make them smaller and even make them move!  I really liked that about Toontastic.  The characters look like a real moving comic.

I also learned about creating a comic story.  There were 5 steps that I went through to create my story.  

After each scene, I watched it to make sure I wanted to keep that one.  

Once I had my comic story created, Mom and I sent it to the Toontastic ToonTube site from the iPad. I decided to call my comic story Adventures of Knights & Space Monsters (even though it also had pirates in it). 

I loved watching my comic story from ToonTube.  It was just like watching a real cartoon on T.V.  I liked how the music added to the story too.  

This is the comic story that I created.  You can watch it here and share it on Facebook, Twitter and in an email.  It is very easy to share with Toontastic if your parents set up an account for their kids to use.

Once you add a comic story in Toontube, you can also share your stories with the world.  This is a screen shot of the comic stories that I created on the iPad.

On the Toontastic site, you can also watch comic stories created by other kids.  This will give me lots of ideas for new stories.

I love Toontastic.  I can't wait to draw my own scenes and characters for a comic story too.


  1. Wow Hagan, I love your blog and all of the info on Toontastic. Keep up the great work!
    Sylvia from Toronto

  2. Hi Hagan,

    What a great project you have going this summer! It sounds like you are having lots of fun.

    I have a question for you. I'm a little older than you--ok, a LOT older--I'm a "senior citizen"--but I love cartoons. Do you think I could learn to use Toontastic?

    AuntyTech in North Carolina

  3. Hey Hagan,
    I just read your post and watched your comic story. THAT WAS AWESOME! We went to a place called Santa's Village on Sunday. I told your mom I wish you could have come with us. I think Luc and Nic's first blog post will probably be on their day there. Keep up the blogging. We love reading what you're up to.

  4. Hey Hagan, I like your post. My favorite part is the cartoon story that you made.

  5. Hagan, I LOVE your post and your video! What a wonderful blog! Your voice is SO important!
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian

  6. Hi Hagan I'm Nick. I like toontastic. I am learning it. Me and my mom downloaded it. Thank you for sharing. I just started my blog too and Twitter too.