Friday, July 15, 2011

My AWESOME Vacation to the Mountains

Yesterday, we started out on our vacation to the mountains.  We are going to Colorado to visit family in Fort Collins and then will stay in Estes Park for a week.
My sister Brianna and I are excited....I will have fun sitting by her on our trip.  We picked out a lot of great movies to bring with us.  She thought it would be fun to watch all of the Harry Potter movies since the last one came out in the theatre today.
When we got to Omaha we stopped to lunch with my Mom's best friend Kristina.  She had me put on her Google sunglasses so she could take a picture for the #googleshades project that she has created with her friends.  They are cool and I can't wait to see all of the pictures she gets with her students wearing them. 

It is almost 700 miles from Van Meter to Fort Collins.  I liked following along on the map to see where we were.  
When we got to Paxton, Nebraska we went to Ole's Big Game Steakhouse.  We have stopped and ate here before on our way to Colorado.

After we Nebraska, we drove through Wyoming for a little bit and then into Colorado.  I was so excited when Mom told me to look at this sign and it said COLORADO.  We made it!  

Today we are going to a lake and river in Fort Collins.  I might even try white water rafting.  

I am excited to have an adventure.  

This will be an AWESOME day for sure.  


  1. It sounds like you and your family are having a great vacation. I love Colorado! The mountains are very beautiful. When my family takes vacations, we camp. Do you camp or do you stay in motels?

  2. Hagen I am sooo jealous, Colorado is one of my favorite states to visit. Keep us posted on all the animals you see and how much fun white water rafting is for everyone. Have fun!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful writer you are :-) I love the way you shared pictures with your writing. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! Keep up the great blog :-)

  4. A great adventure indeed! Are you using the map on your iPad? My friend showed me how to watch our car moving in real time on Google maps. The sunglasses are cool but your smile is even better. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Hagan, it was fun to meet you today! Did you see the menu that had the Hagan Option? You will have to come try it out!
    Have a fantastic time with your family in Colorado!

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