Saturday, February 25, 2012

An AWESOME Week....Sleep Over With Easton, Making Sock Puppet Movies and Clifford Day!

My friend Easton and I had a sleep over last night.  I like it when Easton comes over because I have someone to play with.  He is cool and one of my best friends. I have known him since preschool at Country Kids Club.  
We played with my LEGO world downstairs.  I stacked all of the little people up around the room.
Easton and me played with LEGO's for four hours straight.
Yesterday in the library, Mom taught us about the Sock Puppets app after we read Cece Bell's book Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie.  I noticed right away that it was the same illustrator and author that wrote Bee-Wigged.  I love Cece's books.  
In Sock Puppet, you can make a puppet show.  You choose characters, your stage and you can make the puppets talk.  When you are taping, they are saying the same thing you are.  When you are finished with your puppet show, you can listen to it and share it on YouTube with your classroom or on a stage.

Today, Easton and I made a Sock Puppet play.  It was about detention and the library at school.  It was super funny.
After Easton went home, Mom and I put the Sock Puppet app on her iPad.  I made more plays about the sock puppets in space.
Yesterday was also Clifford Day in first grade.  Miss Edwards, our class helper, made us all Clifford hats.  We ate lunch in small gym with our families.
We did a play about having good manners.  I had a part in the play.  I read books to my Dad and Mom.  I read Clifford Pal's to my Dad.  
And we even had a special guest.....Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  I think he looks a lot bigger on the cartoon.  

This week was awesome!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My Basement I Have An Awesome LEGO World

One of my favorite things are my LEGO's.  I have a ton of them.  

For Christmas this year, that is all I wanted.  I got four boxes....three were really huge.  After I started adding them to my other sets I decided to move them all to the basement.  I call this my LEGO World.  Jaden and I set it all up.  
I have different tables that I can sit at to build them and play.  My Mom put a book together with all my LEGO directions.  I read them to build more.
I love my Castle LEGO's.  
 And this new Medieval Village.  It is really really cool because it looks like a real village.  
 My Kingdom LEGO's are awesome too.  I have two castles.
When my Mom went to Washington D.C. on a blog mission she bought me this White House LEGO.  It really isn't LEGO brand though....I hope she gets me the real one someday too.  
I really like playing with all the little LEGO people.  My brother Brady had a lot too.  I order them online and buy them in stores but cannot tell what they are until I open them up.  I set up a LEGO speech on the basement store.  They are telling a speech about how they might win or they might not win the war.
Last weekend, Jaden and I made two LEGO ships.  They are called the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge.  They are from Pirates of the Caribbean.  
 Jaden built the Black Pearl and I helped him with a few little parts.
My pirate ships is my fifth favorite LEGO's.

My favorite is my Kingdom Castle.

I hope you like my LEGO World.