Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Awesome Week in Estes Park, Colorado

Last Saturday we got to Estes Park, Colorado.  It is way up high in the Rocky Mountains.  I came here when I was four too.  My family loves it here and I do too.

On the first day we went to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We saw lots of Elk and snow.  I even brought Frankie Pickle with me.  My Mom took my picture with Frankie at the Continental Divide.
I liked seeing the flowers and snow way up high in the mountains.  This is called the tundra.  My Mom and I looked up tundra on the internet so we could learn more about it.  In the tundra the trees do not grow because of the high altitude.  It is a lot colder up there too.  
We stayed at Mary's Lake Lodge.  This is where we stayed two years ago.  It is on the side of a mountain so we had a pretty view of everything around us.
I had a great time swimming with my Dad.  I am in the corner of the pool in this picture.  We bought some big noodles in Estes Park so it was fun to pretend they were swords with Dad.
We ate at the lodge a lot.  We could see our cabin from the porch where we ate. 
There is this giant old hotel called the Stanley Hotel.  We went on a tour.  The tour lady told us all kinds of stories about ghosts in the hotel.  I was scared when she told us a story about a cowboy ghost on the 4th floor.  My Dad and I also got into a closet where they say Lord Dunraven (he owned all of the land around Estes Park a long time ago) has been seen and felt.  It was freaky.  
Dad, Brianna and I rode horses one morning.  I saw a lot of real cowboys and horses here.  We rode into   the mountains and had breakfast in the woods.  We had sausage, eggs and pancakes.
My horses name was Velvet.  He was very nice.  I have never rode on a horse in the mountains before.Brianna has a horse and I have rode him before with her but never by myself. I learned how to make Velvet go and turn.
They had these funny painted things I put my head in.  It looked like I was a cowboy.  
We went way up high in the mountains.  I rode up by the guide since I was the youngest.  It was a lot of really cool.

Tomorrow we are going home.  I am excited to get home so I can watch the Disney Channel anytime I want, see Charlie my dog and have pretend wars with all my toys at home.  

I have had a SUPER time in Estes Park and can't wait to come back again.  


  1. You look good on that horse, pardner! Vacations are fun, but so are homecomings. Keep up the Awesome writing :-)

  2. Hi Hagan,

    I love your blog! You did a great job writing about your trip to Estes! Your parents must be so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I hope to see you at a student showcase at #ISTE12 next summer!

  3. Hagan,

    I love your blog. I'm so glad to see your awesome example of KIDS blogging. Do you dictate (talk out) what you want to say to your Mom or do you type it yourself. Are you figuring out how to post pictures?

    I ask because I teach kids your age and I bet they could do this kind of thing in their class!!

    Enjoy your summer and keep sharing your adventures with us.

    Ms. Thomas @teach2connect

  4. Hey Hagan...I'm so happy you had a great week. I've never been to Colorado before, and because of your blog, you have made me interested in taking my family there. Have a safe trip home!

  5. Hi Hagan,

    I really enjoyed your pictures and your blog. I am glad you had so much fun in Colorado with your family. I can't wait to visit with all of you about your vacation when you get back. I also know a dog named Charlie that will be excited to see you when you get back home.

  6. Hey Hagan!
    I'm Sooooo jealous! I've wanted to visit the Stanely Hotel for a long time to do my own Ghostbusting! Sounds like you had a great time! AWESOME!
    ~Gwyneth Jones

  7. Hagan,

    Estes Park is one of my most favorite places on Earth! I am so glad you had such a great time. Every picture of you is one with a great big smile! I visited the Stanley Hotel last summer. We learned about Lord Dunraven on our tour, too.

    So happy that you've had such a great vacation, and I know that you are happy to be going home, too. Give Charlie an extra squidge for me. :-) (and a squidge for you mom, too!)