Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Awesome Sunday....A Picnic, Reading Outside and Creating A Toontastic Comic Story

I am having an AWESOME Sunday with my family.  My Dad went golfing for Father's Day so Brianna, Mom and I are hanging out at home.  I made them a picnic and we ate outside on our deck.  

Brianna invited me to come and hang out with her when Mommy worked on things for ISTE. 

We even took our books outside to read.  I looked at a Car's iSpy book from our school library.  I love iSpy books and the Scholastic iSpy game on the internet.  

When I came inside for a break we tried out another new app on the iPad.  This one is called Toontastic. It costs only $1.00 in the iTunes store.

With Toontastic, you can create your own stories using different scenes, characters, music and effects. I created a story about pirates, knights and space monsters.  

Using Toontastic was really fun and easy.  You get to pick the characters and scene that you want and then move them around, make them smaller and even make them move!  I really liked that about Toontastic.  The characters look like a real moving comic.

I also learned about creating a comic story.  There were 5 steps that I went through to create my story.  

After each scene, I watched it to make sure I wanted to keep that one.  

Once I had my comic story created, Mom and I sent it to the Toontastic ToonTube site from the iPad. I decided to call my comic story Adventures of Knights & Space Monsters (even though it also had pirates in it). 

I loved watching my comic story from ToonTube.  It was just like watching a real cartoon on T.V.  I liked how the music added to the story too.  

This is the comic story that I created.  You can watch it here and share it on Facebook, Twitter and in an email.  It is very easy to share with Toontastic if your parents set up an account for their kids to use.

Once you add a comic story in Toontube, you can also share your stories with the world.  This is a screen shot of the comic stories that I created on the iPad.

On the Toontastic site, you can also watch comic stories created by other kids.  This will give me lots of ideas for new stories.

I love Toontastic.  I can't wait to draw my own scenes and characters for a comic story too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The iPad is AWESOME.....I Can Even Make My Own Movies!

Since school has been out my Mom and I have been spending a lot of time finding iPad apps that I would like.  She is also making a list of apps that we could put on the new iPads at school so I am testing them out for her.  This is a lot of fun!  

We made three folders that hold the apps that I use. They are on the first page of Mom's iPad.  

In the folder called "Hagan" there are all kind of apps.  I like Stack the States, Lego minifigures, Talking Tom, PBS Kids and others.  I love playing Angry is so much fun.  I am a lot better than Mom at playing and I help her when she plays.  

The most AWESOME app on the iPad is called Puppet Pals HD.   It cost $2.99 for all of the characters and backgrounds that they have.  

I can make my own movies with Puppet Pals.  I just open up the app and push the button in the corner that says "Push To Start."

I look through all of the characters and scenes that I have and decide what my movie will be about.  There are funny choices like monsters, aliens, President Obama, dragons, butterflies, farm animals and so much more.

You can pick 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 characters and that many backgrounds too.

When your characters and backgrounds are all picked, you can start your movie.  You can move  around on the background, make them smaller or bigger with your fingers and even change the scenes.

When you have it all set up it is time to record your movie.  There are buttons on the top of the screen that you push to record.  You can talk, move the characters around and change the background as you are recording.  Once you have what you want in your movie,  Puppet Pals HD lets you give it a title and share it with others.  

Mom and I put a couple of my FIRST, AWESOME movies in her library Van Meter Library VOICE YouTube channel.  Hagan's First Puppet Pal Video  is my very first movie and it was so much fun.  I hope you like it.  I am making a lot more movies and will share them on my blog and Twitter.  

Tonight on Facebook my Mom's friend Beth  told us that her 7 year old daughter Anne was inspired by ME to also try out Puppet Pal's. Beth said that she had a great time creating and will share a movie as soon as it is done.  

Please let me know if there are other apps that I just have to try out. 

I have time, an iPad that I can use everyday and best of all...


Have fun trying out Puppet Pals, Stack the States, National Geographic, Words With Friends and many many more.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Adventures With Frankie Pickle!

Last night we had a bonfire in our backyard.  It was the first one of the summer.  I was excited to make hotdogs and s'mores.  We even did a few giant sparklers and played football.

I wanted to take one of my favorite books outside and read.  I picked out Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000 by Eric Wight.  Eric has two Frankie Pickle books right now and I have read both of them with my Dad. They are two of my favorite books ever.  Mr. Schu sent them to me after Eric visited his school.  They are signed by him too. 

When my Mom asked me what kind of treats I wanted for my birthday on April 29th, I told her Frankie Pickle cupcakes!  Brianna and my Mom made the coolest cupcakes.  Brianna even made green and purple jello jigglers that were cars just like what Frankie Pickle drove in the Pine Run 3000.  

My friends loved my treats and my birthday.  I did too.  It was fun celebrating in kindergarten with Frankie Pickle.  Miss McClintock, my teacher and cousin, read Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000  to my class after that day.  They liked it and laughed a lot.  They asked me if my Mom had Frankie Pickle in the library.

I am really excited for Eric's new book Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace to come out soon.

I am friends with Eric on Twitter.  It is so fun to talk to him about Frankie Pickle and places where I am reading and drawing this summer.  I want to grow up and draw stories just like him.

And the thing I like best about Frankie Pickle.....

He uses his imagination.

Just like me!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Adventure at Living History Farm Camp

Last week I went to my first camp ever.  My sister and brother always went to day camp at Living History Farms, so my Mom thought I would like it too.  I went in the morning every day.  

Living History Farms has different farm areas that show how people lived a long time ago .  

The first day we went to the where the Native Americans and pioneers lived in the forest.  We went on a creek walk and I got very muddy and wet.  I even painted my face. They told us how the moms carried the teepees, took care of the kids and did all of the cooking.  I asked my Mom what the dads did if they did all of that work.  I thought maybe they "laid on the couch all day."  :) 

This is a coloring book they gave me the first day.  I colored the picture of how they would have cooked over the fire in the 1700's.  I think it would be fun to cook like that.  Tonight we are going to cook over the bonfire in my backyard.  

When I got home each day after camp I worked on a new picture that I created.  It is a pirate ship with lots of pirates on it.  

But all of the places on the pirate ship are places that I saw when walking through the 1800's Farm.  There is a Wooden Shop, Hammer Shop, Weapon Shop and even a porta-potty.

When my Dad picked me up on Thursday I said, "Dad, I want to buy some Sas Gorilla at the store next time we go."  My Dad wasn't quite sure what I was talking about until I told him it was like Root Beer and that I saw it in The General Store.  He told me it is actually called Sarsaparilla. 

We bought some today at HyVee.  It is VERY good and does taste like Root Beer. 

On the last day Dad gave me $5.00 to spend at the General Store.  I bought a big green marble, a wooden box of Domino's, giant gumdrops and saved the rest.  

I loved learning new things and making new friends at camp.  I liked my counselor a lot too.  She was really nice.  

My Mom helped me look up Living History Farms on her iPad.  I had fun looking at the pictures and reading about other things to do there.  

You can also follow them on Twitter at @LHFarms...I am now.  I hope they follow me back.

Living History Farms is really fun and I think you might like it too!  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Adventure of Celebrating Our Birthday's At Grandpa and Grandma's Farm

Last weekend we went to my Grandpa and Grandma McClintock's house in Shellsburg.  It takes about 2 hours to get to their farm...I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and we were there. 

My mom grew up in this house and they have lived here for a long time (I asked my Mom and she said almost 40 years). 

When we got to their house I played football with my cousins Cameron and Carson. Cameron put the black under our eyes so we looked like football players.  We all love the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Carson is one of my best friends. We have a lot of fun playing. I hope I get to stay at his house this summer.  

We had a cookout and ate outside.  I sat by my Great Grandma.  Her name is Hazel Hagan McClintock. My Mom and Dad named me after her.  We just celebrated her 100th birthday. I love her very much. She is my good friend and loves that I have her name Hagan.  

After we ate lunch outside, we had a water fight. It was so much fun. We were very wet.

I like to play in their sandbox and swing too.

There are 9 cousins.  We beat the girls.  There are 5 boys and 4 girls.  This is a picture of my sister Brianna with Riley and Grayce. Zoey was sleeping.She is a baby.  

Before we went home, Uncle Ryan said we could go his house to play on the trampoline.  I love to jump on it with my cousins.  It is funny to watch them fall down and jump really high.

I have a very nice and fun family.  I am happy that they are all my friends too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Told My Kindergarten Friends About My Blog

During my last week of school, I told Mom I wanted to tell my kindergarten friends about Hagan's Summer of Awesome.  She came to Miss McClintock's classroom in between her library classes with her laptop so I could use it to show them my blog.  I was so excited.

I told them how I got the idea to start the blog when I was thinking of all the fun places to read this summer.  My Mom and Mr. Schu have a blog and I like looking at the pictures and movies they put on Two Libraries One Voice.  My sister Brianna and her friends also have blogs.

I told my friends that I will write and create things to put on my blog over the summer.  My Mom and Brianna will help me with the typing.

One of things that I am really excited about it is being able to see where people live who are reading my blog.  Mom put a globe on it that shows me where they live.  I think it is really cool how people from Australia, South America, China and even Tansania have been here.  

I had Mom read one of the comments from another little boy named Maynard.  He has a blog too.  I hope that we become friends and that more of my friends write comments too.  

I wonder if any kids from other countries are reading my blog? 

I showed them the Animoto movie Mom and I made from our visit to the zoo.  They were so excited to see all of the places I read.  I had fun dancing to the music in the movie with my friends too.

Thank you Miss McClintock for letting me show everyone my blog.

I hope I inspired them to blog too.