Sunday, August 7, 2011

My AWESOME Week on Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

Last week I went to my Grandpa and Grandma's house. They live on a farm between Shellsburg and Vinton in Iowa. My Mom, Aunt Heather and Uncle Ryan grew up on this farm.

I love being outside on the farm. It is fun to ride on the 3-wheeler with Grandpa.  My Mom told me the story about getting the 3-wheeler when she was young. Santa left the key in their stocking.
Grandpa goes really fast around the grain bins. This is super fun! I hope someday when I am big he will let me drive it too.  
Grandpa made a swing in a great big tree. I love it when he pushes me high. This is something all of my cousins like to do too.
My Grandma has cool flowers all over their farm. She works really hard on making them look pretty.
My Grandpa, Great Uncle Vernon and Uncle Ryan grow beans and corn in all of their fields. This is a picture of me standing in front of the beans. They are growing fast.
There was a big wind storm a few weeks ago and a lot of the corn was blown over. The corn was already really tall so now it is laying on the ground in some spots. It is A LOT taller than I am.
The grove of trees at Grandpa and Grandma's house was ruined in the wind storm. These trees have been there for probably 97 years so it is sad. I will help Grandpa plant some new trees.
I love riding in the scoop up tractor that belongs to Uncle Ryan. They scoop up branches, leaves, dirt and snow with this tractor.
Grandpa gives me rides around their farm and we ride down the road to Uncle Ryan's house too.
Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly live in the house where Grandpa lived from the time he was a baby.  My Great Grandma Hazel is 100 years old now so she lives in town in a retirement home.  My cousins Grayce, Cooper and baby Zoey are so much fun to hang out with I visit.  I wish I lived closer to all of them...and my cousins Cameron, Riley and Carson too.
After my busy days on the farm I always sleep good.  Especially because Grandma has a Hawkeye blanket.  

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for having me at your house.  I love coming to the farm with all of you.  


  1. Hagan,

    I am so jealous! Your summer of awesome continues...I mean I want to ride grandpa's three wheeler...I like the big swing too!

  2. Thank you, Scott. I love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. :) I only have a week left of my summer. Today we are going swimming when Mom goes to work.

  3. Hagan...You are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. What a great week you had! I wish you and your family were here with us this week. The Thunderbirds are coming to Portsmouth for an air show!

  4. Steve, That sounds like so much fun. I would love to see the Thunderbirds. I cannot wait to come visit you next summer. And only a month till you all are here at our house. Love, Hagan

  5. Hagan, I love the way you have fun with your grandparents. Replanting the grove with your grandfather is a wonderful idea: this will become part of your family history.

    Hugs from the beautiful Adirondacks!

  6. Diane,

    Thank you for reading my blog. My Mom and sister helped Grandpa plant new trees when they were little. It would be fun to help him now too.

    Thank you again for the book. It is very good.

    Love, Hagan