Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Told My Kindergarten Friends About My Blog

During my last week of school, I told Mom I wanted to tell my kindergarten friends about Hagan's Summer of Awesome.  She came to Miss McClintock's classroom in between her library classes with her laptop so I could use it to show them my blog.  I was so excited.

I told them how I got the idea to start the blog when I was thinking of all the fun places to read this summer.  My Mom and Mr. Schu have a blog and I like looking at the pictures and movies they put on Two Libraries One Voice.  My sister Brianna and her friends also have blogs.

I told my friends that I will write and create things to put on my blog over the summer.  My Mom and Brianna will help me with the typing.

One of things that I am really excited about it is being able to see where people live who are reading my blog.  Mom put a globe on it that shows me where they live.  I think it is really cool how people from Australia, South America, China and even Tansania have been here.  

I had Mom read one of the comments from another little boy named Maynard.  He has a blog too.  I hope that we become friends and that more of my friends write comments too.  

I wonder if any kids from other countries are reading my blog? 

I showed them the Animoto movie Mom and I made from our visit to the zoo.  They were so excited to see all of the places I read.  I had fun dancing to the music in the movie with my friends too.

Thank you Miss McClintock for letting me show everyone my blog.

I hope I inspired them to blog too.


  1. Hagan, you are an inspiration! I hope your classmates went home and told their parents about your blog, so that they can read it - and maybe comment - over the summer.

  2. Hagan,
    Welcome to the blogging world. I can't wait to read about your summer adventures in reading. Good luck and I will be back often to check in.

  3. Hi G G Ma....I love that you read my blog. I hope they do too.

    Hi Ann...Thank you for reading my blog. Where are you from?

  4. Hagan,

    Bravo on the new blog! I think it is so amazing that you are bravely sharing your life with the world.

    I am excited to read your adventures this summer! I am a teacher in Iowa.

  5. Hi Mr. Shay,

    My Mom just told me that you live close to the college she went to. We are not far from there today. I am going to share my adventures on the farm later. :)

    Thank you for reading my blog....I hope you do every time.


  6. Hagan,
    I was very excited to find your blog. What a great idea for your summer. I am a teacher in Canada.

  7. Hi Hagan,

    Well done, this is absoloutely brilliant. You are a great inspiration to all students. Keep up the fantastic work!


  8. Hagan,
    Congratulations on your Summer of Awesome blog! It will be fun to read. I'll come back and read some more about your awesome summer because now I am a follower of @haganemiller on Twitter so I'll be sure to know when you update your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your genius with the world!

    I teach 7th and 8th grade bloggers in Iowa at Krebs' Class Blogs

    Mrs. Krebs

  9. Hi Hagen,
    I'm Skyler a 5 year old boy who lives in Roseville, California. My mom is a middle school teacher who follows your mom on twitter. She loved the idea that you are blogging so she started a blog for me. I can't wait to read more about your summer!!

    Thanks for teaching me how to blog!!
    Skyler and Kristen Beck