Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Adventure at Living History Farm Camp

Last week I went to my first camp ever.  My sister and brother always went to day camp at Living History Farms, so my Mom thought I would like it too.  I went in the morning every day.  

Living History Farms has different farm areas that show how people lived a long time ago .  

The first day we went to the where the Native Americans and pioneers lived in the forest.  We went on a creek walk and I got very muddy and wet.  I even painted my face. They told us how the moms carried the teepees, took care of the kids and did all of the cooking.  I asked my Mom what the dads did if they did all of that work.  I thought maybe they "laid on the couch all day."  :) 

This is a coloring book they gave me the first day.  I colored the picture of how they would have cooked over the fire in the 1700's.  I think it would be fun to cook like that.  Tonight we are going to cook over the bonfire in my backyard.  

When I got home each day after camp I worked on a new picture that I created.  It is a pirate ship with lots of pirates on it.  

But all of the places on the pirate ship are places that I saw when walking through the 1800's Farm.  There is a Wooden Shop, Hammer Shop, Weapon Shop and even a porta-potty.

When my Dad picked me up on Thursday I said, "Dad, I want to buy some Sas Gorilla at the store next time we go."  My Dad wasn't quite sure what I was talking about until I told him it was like Root Beer and that I saw it in The General Store.  He told me it is actually called Sarsaparilla. 

We bought some today at HyVee.  It is VERY good and does taste like Root Beer. 

On the last day Dad gave me $5.00 to spend at the General Store.  I bought a big green marble, a wooden box of Domino's, giant gumdrops and saved the rest.  

I loved learning new things and making new friends at camp.  I liked my counselor a lot too.  She was really nice.  

My Mom helped me look up Living History Farms on her iPad.  I had fun looking at the pictures and reading about other things to do there.  

You can also follow them on Twitter at @LHFarms...I am now.  I hope they follow me back.

Living History Farms is really fun and I think you might like it too!  


  1. That sounds awesome, Hagan. I'm not sure I'll be showing your post to Luc and Nic, though. They love stuff like that and will be begging me to send them there. (Just kidding on showing them this post.) I love your blog. Keep writing!

  2. Wow, Hagan, what a fun camp! My husband and I used to be 18th century reenactors. That means we wore clothes that looked like those from the 1700s. We used the same types of tools that the American colonists did. History makes more sense, when you can "live" it. Enjoy your campfire and keep those wonderful drawings coming! Hugs from New York.

  3. Hagan:

    We are so glad you enjoyed Day Camp at Living History Farms! It's neat that you tried to recreate what it would have been like to cook your meals over an open fire. Certainly different than the way we cook today, isn't it?

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, and come back to LHF anytime!

  4. Hagen,
    Nice post about Living History Farms. I would like to go during the summer. The only time I was there I was driving through, but they weren't opened yet. It was disappointing, but I am going to go someday. You gave me a lot of information while I wait!

    Good post. It made me smile too.

    Mrs. Krebs

  5. Hagan,

    When I was growing up, I went to the camp at Living History Farms every year. I especially liked making brooms, cooking, and buying Sarsaparilla.

    Now, fifteen or so years later, I work in museums like Living History Farms! Who knows, maybe in fifteen years you will be doing the same!