Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day of Reading At The Zoo

We didn't have school today because it was Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is when we put flowers on my Grandpa Eddie's grave and for all soldiers who protect us. 

When we got to the zoo, I got a map. I was looking for the elephants and penguins.  They didn't have any at the Blank Park Zoo.  My Mom helped me look for the kangaroos and giraffes.

The first fun place I read was on this swinging bridge over the water.  I was looking at the map to tell everyone what was up next.

I learned a lot at the zoo reading about the different animals.  These things told me what they ate, where they lived, and how long they lived.

My sister Brianna is on her cell phone a lot. Here we are both reading....Me on the zoo map and Bri on her phone.

My friend Mr. Schu sent me Squish #1: Super Amoeba by Jennifer and Matt Holm.  They visited his school library at Brook Forest about a month ago and everyone had so much fun meeting them.  Mr. Schu always sends me the best books from people who visit his school. (Thank you, Mr. Schu....YOU ROCK!)

I brought Squish in my backpack. One place I told Mom I wanted to read this summer was on the train at the zoo.  Earlier I rode on the camel but couldn't hold my book, so here you can see the one I rode.

And here I am reading Squish in a jeep.  It looks like I am in the jungle.  I hope I get to ride in a jeep in Colorado this summer too.  I want to go up into the mountains.  

We took a lot of pictures today at the zoo so I made this fun video to show you more of my adventure. 

Tomorrow we go back to school. I only have two days of kindergarten left.  I love kindergarten!  I will blog about the last few days and share some pictures too! 

I hope you liked my trip to the zoo.  I loved it.  


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Isn't Squish the best?

  2. Hagan -
    I love your post, pictures, and video! You have reminded us that we read anywhere! Reading isn't just about reading books. You read the zoo maps and placards. Your sister read her text messages. Reading is everywhere, isn't it!

    Enjoy your last two days of kindergarten!

    Kathy Perret
    Sioux City

  3. Adi and Braden were at the zoo yesterday with Jake! It would have been fun if you had run into them there!

    I miss taking kids to the zoo... we always went there at the end of the school year when I taught 1st grade. It was the best day of the year!

    Keep on reading! Jo

  4. Henry wants to go to the zoo with you later on this summer! Enjoy your last few days of Kindergarten! You are done on the same day I am, and we're both moving on to new adventures!