Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guess where I am going to read, draw, and write this summer?

My name is Hagan. I live in a small town in Iowa. Wednesday is my last day of kindergarten. I am excited but will miss my teacher Miss McClintock (who is actually my cousin too) and friends this summer. I hope I get to see them at baseball, the park, and at the pool. They can come to my house and play too.
Today in the car, my Mom and I were talking about the summer. I told her that when we go on vacation to Colorado I am going to read on a horse in the mountains. I want her to take my picture for this contest that we are having at school. I am also going to draw all of the things we see on our way.

My mom Shannon is Mrs. Miller the librarian at Van Meter School and she told us about this fun reading contest called Silly Summerstakes. Mom and her friend Mr. Schu want all of the kids at our two schools to send photos reading in the coolest places this summer.

She asked me where else I could read and I thought about a ton of places....on the giant slide at the Iowa State Fair, at Grandpa and Grandma's farm, on my cousin Cooper's trampoline, on our porch swing, on my cousin Cameron's swing set, on the rock stairs in our back yard, with Uncle Ryan's pigs, in my Mom's big chair (that is where I am reading with her iPad) and at the beach. I want my sister Brianna to read, write, and draw with me too.

When I told Mom I wanted to start a new journal for the summer, she thought it would be fun for me to have my own blog. She asked me what I would call it and I said, "Hagan's Summer of Awesome." We stopped and bought a new journal (my first picture is me reading on a horse in the mountains), created this blog, and I started drawing a new picture to show you later.

I hope you like what I do this summer. Have a fun day. I am going outside to play basketball now.


  1. Hagan, it's like hearing your voice to read this blog, and the photos and drawings also let me see through your eyes. I had my husband take a picture of me sitting on a rock and reading; your Silly Sumerstakes ideas are very creative!

    Guess I have to blog a bit more often so you don't show me up ;-)

    Love and hugs from G G Ma!

  2. Hagan,

    Thank you for sharing your project. I read earlier about your mom's project and am looking forward to sharing it with my teachers in my weekly newsletter. I will also share your blog post - I am hoping some of our students and teachers will participate in this project as well : )

    Wishing you a wonderful summer of reading and writing!

    Ms. V
    Principal in MA

  3. Hagan,
    You have inspired me to plan on many spots to read this summer. Here are a few of my ideas so far:

    - On my deck enjoying all my beautiful flowers.
    - On my living room floor with my friend's dog snuggled up with me (and maybe my own - I'm looking at a another friend's dog next week)
    - Relaxing at Starbucks
    - On a boat at Lake Okoboji
    - On the airplane (if I get the chance to go visit some friends in Ohio)

    I'll keep thinking of many more places.

    I look forward to following your blog this summer!

    Kathy Perret
    Sioux City, IA

  4. Hi, Hagan,
    I love your new blog. I look forward to seeing pictures of you reading Squish and Frankie Pickle. I'm traveling with Frankie Pickle this summer.

    I'll post your picture on the Where Brook Forest and Van Meter Read and Wrote this Summer wiki.

    Have a great day,

    Mr. Schu

  5. P.S. It will be a summer of AWESOME! :)

  6. Hi Hagan,

    Wow,I really love your new blog. I showed it to my two boys and I think you have inspired them to write on their blogs too. They started a while ago, but they didn't keep it up. I love the idea of writing about your summer. It sounds like you are going to have a great summer of reading and writing. I bet your mom is really proud of you.

  7. Thank you for all of the comments everyone. I was so excited to see that people were reading my blog. This is going to be a summer of AWESOME for sure. :)


  8. Hagan,

    I cannot wait to read about all your awesome adventures this summer! What a great idea to have a blog for your Summer of Awesome! Looking forward to your next post. :-)

    p.s. All the 5th graders at my school had a "Fancy Friday" last week in honor of Fancy Nancy and her books. They all dressed up in their fanciest clothes. I wonder if you will dress up like one of your favorite book characters sometime this summer?

  9. Great blog, Hagan - all the best for your summer of AWESOME!!!
    from Ms Wilson, a teacher in New Zealand. :-)

  10. Thank you, Michelle and Jess,

    Michelle, I had a Frankie Pickle birthday party this year. We made Frankie Pickle cupcakes and decorated. It was fun.

    I am excited to share my AWESOME adventure.


  11. Hey Hagan...I hope you have a great summer drawing pictures in your new journal.

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