Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love To Draw Stories

I love to draw.

I tell stories with my drawings.

I have a lot of different drawing pads and journals I use.  This weekend I have used my new "Hagan's Summer of Awesome" journal to write new stories.  This is me as a kindergarten pirate.

My Mom read a book to us in the library called The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon.  It was a good book about a little girl who needed glasses and had to wear an eye patch for awhile to fix her eyes. My story reminds me of that book.  

We are going to the zoo today. I can't wait to tell you about my trip.  I am bringing two books with me so Mom and Brianna can take pictures of me reading around the zoo.

Have a happy Memorial Day.  Go do something fun.


  1. How fun! And Hagan - I love that book as well. Thanks for sharing your drawings too.

  2. WoW! Hagan,that sounds great and I have one question: which zoo are you going to? It sounds awesome and I like your picture and I have a blog too! bye Hagan and by the way my name is Maynard.

  3. I hope you had a good time at the zoo. There are a lot of great places to read around here, like in my house, in my bedroom, at the Portsmouth Public Library, and at the beach.

  4. Hey Hagan...I can't wait to hear about your day at the zoo. Luc's favorite zoo animal is the Cheetah. Nic's is the kangaroo, and Noelle tells me that hers is a princess tiger. (I'm not sure what that is. She's all about princesses right now.)

  5. Aly....Thank you for reading my blog. My Mom just told me that you have a really cool blog too. Please keep reading. :)

    Maynard....Hey! I am excited you wrote on my blog. I would like to start an Edmodo group for all of us kids who blog. Are you in? My Mom is making it tonight. :) I love your blog too. Oh and we went to the Des Moines Zoo....Blank Park ZOo. It was fun.

    Nic....HI Nic! I can't wait till you visit. Do you want to blog too this summer. I cannot wait to see where you read this summer. Lets read on Skype and take a picture.

    Steve...Hi Steve. Thank you for reading my blog. Can Nic start one too? I love Cheetah's/ I am going to write about my favorite animal. :)

  6. How exciting, to be a Kindergarten pirate! I don't have a pirate ship, but I did get to use our new canoe today. Enjoy your summer of exploring and reading. Arghh!