Friday, March 29, 2013

Telling My Friends About My Blog And Trip To Alaska

At library this week I got to tell my class all about my trip to Alaska.  And I got to show my class my blog. When I was setting up my blog all of my friends were watching me. 

It made me feel awesome to show them my blog. 
This is my class watching me show them each day of the trip.  I told them how much snow there was and all of my adventures when I was there.
 Here is all of them going "Whoooooo Hagan!"
I told my friends all about the schools and libraries we saw.  I told them about how some kids have to take a plane every day to school.

I told them about the big ram on top of the lockers and the bird mobile in the library at the school in Valdez.
At the end I answered questions.  They asked if we could see the Orca's in the sea. We also wondered why they were called "Killer Whales" so Mrs. Edwards, our associate, looked it up on the computer.  She said they are called Killer Whales because they can kill bigger whales.  They are nice to people. 

They asked me how many feet of snow there was in Alaska.  They were surprised. 
This was the most awesomest day at the library ever because I got to show my friends my blog.

I can't wait to show them the Animoto that I am going to make from all of the pictures from Alaska I took on my iPad.


  1. Wonderful way to share what you experienced in Alaska. Welcome back!

  2. Hagan,

    I LOVED reading about your adventures in Alaska.

    Great job!

    Donna Gephart

  3. Kids always share their excitement and experiences with their classmates or friends.Same in this blog Hagan has really shared some of the very beautiful memories of there vacations to Alaska.

    Wholesale Escapes

  4. Hi Hagan, that is so cool you got to go to Alaska! I've been there too and visited the Mendenhall Glacier with my son when he was 4. He called it "The Big Ice" :).

    Hey, this is totally off topic, but I couldn't find a comment link on your blog, so here it is below. My son (now 11) and I made a funny music video and my friend's 7 year old son really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd send you a link because you might enjoy it too. It's about a kid who wants to know "The Secret of the Staffroom" and what teachers do when they're not in front of you. You can find it on YouTube, or just go to this link on my educational games website.

    Keep up the blog!

  5. Want to go to Alaska this summer. If you have time, tweet me some tips. @judyarzt on Twitter. Thanks. Did you make a video about the trip?

  6. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

  7. I bet you were nervous and felt like you were the teacher.

  8. I like reading your words in your pages great work you are doing continue.......

  9. Dear Hagan.

    My name is Rei. I am in year 3. I never went to Alaska before but I think it is a good and fun place because I like playing in the snow and there is many snow in Alaska. I like reading your blog. When I was reading your blog I thought going to Alaska is great. When you were sharing your blog I thought you were a risk-taker because you were like a teacher and I think it is your first time being like a teacher.


  10. Dear Hagan.

    I loved your blog. When I read your blog I thought about all the wonderful things in Alaska. I am also 7 years old but I have never been in Alaska before but next year I am going to Japan. Thanks so much for sharing your blog.



  11. Hi Hagan,
    I also like Minecraft and Lego and I am also seven years old. I was interested because I didn't know that in Alaska some people take airplanes to school every day. I wouldn't want to go on an airplane every day because sometimes I get sick.
    From Aidan

  12. Dear Hagan
    I am Haikel I like to eat chicken dromstics. You are a very nice kid you must have lots of friends.
    I heard you play minecraft, I do too. I play it on the computer and on the iPad. It is a great game to play. I know that you went to Alaska, I used to live there, it is very cold. I like the snow.

    Have fun :) ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    From Haikel

  13. Dear Hagan,
    I am Boua. I can see that you like minecraft. I also like minecraft as well. I've been looking at your blog and I saw that you went to Alaska.I know you are a very nice kid. I can see that you are confident because you could speak in front of you class.I think you are very smart and knowledgable as well. When you play Minecraft, do you play with your friends on Multiplayer?:)

    From Boua

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  15. In my mind, you are happy person, because not everyone was in different parts of the world, not speaking about Alaska. It's a wonderful experience . People must know some interesting facts about this land, so you do right sharing such photos and posts.

  16. Your school pictures are so nice! I am eagerly waiting to see your Animoto, made from pictures collected from Alaska. Visit for interesting learning activities for kids.

  17. I must say that your trip to Alaska was so cool. You are lucky man) I am able to bookmark your site and show to my kids. I am sure they will like it. Besides, I want to give one valuable advice for you - don't spend all your free time on doing boring paperwork - assist it to professionals at and feel no responsibilities. You will be satisfied with their work.

  18. Hello Hagan,
    That is a wonderful article and I am sure all your friends in your class had a lot of fun seeing you presenting them your blog and showing them your adventures. You are on the right track my boy, keep writing and be original.

  19. Hi Hagan! My name is Lucas and I'm 7 years old and live in Idaho. I liked reading your blog. I really want to go to Alaska.

  20. Hi Hagan! We are a 3rd grade class in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are learning about blogs and are using yours as a great example of a kid's blog. We are enjoying your posts and we are also making a lesson about the types of comments people have left you! We know it has been 5 years since you blogged but we wanted you to know that people are still reading your blog! You have inspired us to want to start blogging and we cannot wait to get started! Thank you for being our inspiration. We would love to know if you are still watching your blog. If you are you can reply to us here or follow our school on twitter @underwoodgtm and we use a hashtag #weareunderwood

  21. thank you for posting all those years ago. you have givin me insporation for my own blog

  22. Dear Hagan,

    My friend used this blog for a class. I then did the math and realized that you are in the same class (year) as you, as I'm in 2023. Upon further research I found out you played football for Van Meter in Iowa, And I also play football. You are a lineman. I tried searching for pictures of you but there were none. If you'd like to get in touch, follow me on instagram at Boberto39. Hope to get in touch

  23. That sound fun! I have never been to Alaska!

  24. Your blog was cool and fun. Thank you for sharing+

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