Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 4 Of Our Alaska Adventure, March 19th

We started out Day 4 in Alaska with a little walk outside at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood.  When Mom was getting ready, Dad and I walked around to watch the people skiing.  It didn't get really light until a little bit later than I was use to.  
Since we missed the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel being open yesterday, we made sure to make it today.  We had to be there by 40 minutes after the hour so my Dad drove really fast to make it.  
Remember I told you yesterday that this tunnel was the longest one in North America and the second longest one in the world.  
We had to wait for the light to turn green and then it was our turn to go into the tunnel.  There are a lot of rules when you get inside.  It looks like a little house that you drive into and the door opens up like a garage door.
The tunnel is just big enough for one car or truck at a time.  It is rock around the outside.  
You drive then to Whittier which is right on the Cook Inlet.  
Whittier is a town where a lot of cruise ships come in the summer but in the winter there is a super ton of snow.  
As you can see the town looks like a ghost town.  I told Mom and Dad it looked like a "Zombie Town."  It was kind of scary looking.  
Dad read that all of the people in the town live in this really tall building.  It was a place where Army people lived before. 
 Even the boats were covered up with snow or on top of a whole bunch of snow.
 This really nice hotel even had metal and wood covering the windows for the winter.
 We did see the U.S. Coast Guard.  There are always a lot of antennas and weather towers too.
This is the school in Whittier.  It was right at the bottom of the mountain so I wondered what would happen if there was a landslide. They had a tunnel coming out of the snow where people could walk.  This probably helped them not get snowed in or out of the school.
When we left Whittier and went back towards Girdwood we saw people cross country skiing on this giant frozen lake.  I asked Mom and Dad if they would be scared.
When we got back to Girdwood Mom and I wanted to find the library because we saw a sign.  We were expecting to see a small library but it was new and big.  It looked really nice.  
 We ate at the Silvertip Grill for lunch.  I had another hamburger.
After we ate it was time to drive back to Anchorage.  Our plane would come later in the afternoon.

First we did have to find a WalMart so I could get The Hobbit movie since it came out today.
Our plane to Valdez was not very big and it was a propeller plane not a jet like I have rode on before.
We walked on the runway to get to our plane.  
 I sat by the window again and saw mountains the whole time.  They were the Chugach Mountains.
On this plane ride we just had one choice for a drink and it was cranberry raspberry juice with no cup.
 We drank right out of the juice container.
 Mom and I could see the propeller right out the window.
When we landed we were really surprised when we got out of the plane and walked on the runway.  It was all ice!  I could barely walk because it was so icy and windy. 
The Valdez Airport is really small.  It is smaller than Des Moines even.  

We waited for Dad to get the truck we rented.  
And off we went to the town to find out hotel.  The mountains were really snowy and steep.  They were like shark teeth on the top.
The fishing boats were in the water but do not go out this time of year. 
 There was so much snow I couldn't believe it.
 This was the Valdez Convention Center my Mom would present at this week.
 A lot of places are closed here in the winter too.
 We did see the Port of Valdez and the water is not icy here.
We are staying here at the Mountain Sky Hotel.  It has a tin roof and tin siding to protect if from the snow and cold weather.
The parking lots are all ice everywhere we go.  They told us we will need to get special things to put on our shoes so we won't fall.
After we ate tonight, Dad went to the store in town and got lots of good supplies like drinks and food.  We were happy we could get that to keep in our room.
And I helped him fill it all up.  This will be a great week here in Valdez.  I can't wait to meet librarians tomorrow.


  1. Such a strange new world you're exploring. I love the tunnel and the mountains "like shark teeth on top." Fun that you'll get to meet the librarians. Enjoy the Hobbit!

    1. Yes, it is so cool Diane. YOu will love it when you visit this summer.

      Just wait till you see what I did today!

      I loved the Hobbit and am playing Minecraft now.

      Love, Hagan

  2. our art is wonderfully funny and I adore the style! Nice meeting you and I am now your new follower :) adventure sport nq.
    Sorry to hear about your sad time!