Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My Basement I Have An Awesome LEGO World

One of my favorite things are my LEGO's.  I have a ton of them.  

For Christmas this year, that is all I wanted.  I got four boxes....three were really huge.  After I started adding them to my other sets I decided to move them all to the basement.  I call this my LEGO World.  Jaden and I set it all up.  
I have different tables that I can sit at to build them and play.  My Mom put a book together with all my LEGO directions.  I read them to build more.
I love my Castle LEGO's.  
 And this new Medieval Village.  It is really really cool because it looks like a real village.  
 My Kingdom LEGO's are awesome too.  I have two castles.
When my Mom went to Washington D.C. on a blog mission she bought me this White House LEGO.  It really isn't LEGO brand though....I hope she gets me the real one someday too.  
I really like playing with all the little LEGO people.  My brother Brady had a lot too.  I order them online and buy them in stores but cannot tell what they are until I open them up.  I set up a LEGO speech on the basement store.  They are telling a speech about how they might win or they might not win the war.
Last weekend, Jaden and I made two LEGO ships.  They are called the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge.  They are from Pirates of the Caribbean.  
 Jaden built the Black Pearl and I helped him with a few little parts.
My pirate ships is my fifth favorite LEGO's.

My favorite is my Kingdom Castle.

I hope you like my LEGO World.


  1. Hi Hagan!
    One of my fourteen year old students just requested a Lego table for our library this week. I gave him a grant form (that's how you ask organizations for money). Our school's parents sometimes help out with special projects. Unfortunately, this one might be a tough sell. I worry that they will think our kids are too "grown up" for Legos. I disagree. Apparently, Charlie (that's my student's name) thinks it is perfectly appropriate. Do you have any advice for us?


    1. Wow, Hagan, what a wonderful way to play and learn! You are exploring history, architecture, art, public speaking, and so much more. I hope my granddaughter has a questing mind, just like you.

  2. great ship and awesome blog!

  3. Hagan, I enjoyed hearing about your day with Easton! I sounded like a lot of fun! I especially liked your sock puppets! Thanks for sharing your day with me!

  4. My Mom put a book together with all my LEGO directions. I read them to build more. amazon lego tables