Friday, September 2, 2011

The Day I Brought My AWESOME Dog to School

My third week of school started off great.  I got a "Pet Pass" for getting 30 PBS tickets.  We get these tickets for being good and helpful. 
I was happy all day because I knew that Charlie was going to come at 3:00pm, right after library and computer time.  When he got to school, I took him out of the kennel and held him for a few seconds.  Then he took off around the room to see my friends.
Everyone loved Charlie.  It was the happiest part of our day.  
My friends and teacher asked me questions about Charlie.  It was fun to tell them what Charlie ate, how old me was, and some of the naughty things he did when he was little.
It was nice of Miss Saylor to let me bring my dog.  I like her because she reads picture books and chapter books at snack time.  She is my friend.  Miss Saylor has a cat named Murphy.  I love the stories she tells about Murphy.  I am happy she got to meet Charlie today.
Another fun thing we did today at school was go on a scavenger hunt to find the Gingerbread Man during library.  My Mom made little QR codes and put them all over the place.  We first went to the art room and scanned the QR codes with the iTouches.
 After we scanned the code, Ben and I watched it load.
We were excited to see Mrs. Broderick, the art teacher.  But this wasn't the Gingerbread Man!  Mom said that we could scan the rest of the QR codes next week and hopefully find him.  

This weekend we have three days at home.  I am excited.  We are going to go to the zoo, stay up late, and watch movies.  

I hope you have a good Labor Day too.  


  1. Hey Hagan...
    I love that you were able to bring your Charlie to school. Luc, Nic, and Noelle love animals, especially dogs. They even take classes at the SPCA. We hope to get another dog soon. Keep blogging. You're doing great. I even put your blog on our diigo site so my 4th graders can look at it.

  2. How exciting that Charlie came to visit you at school. Charlie looks like he enjoyed being with you and your classmates. You have such a great Mom for creating a OR code scavenger hunt. Ben and you seem to be having a good time. Hope you locate the Gingerbread Man next week.

    Have a really great time at home on your three days off. Do lots of things at the zoo and watch all of your favorite movies.

    I am in the car riding to Richman, Virginia to visit with my Grandchildren for our three days off.

    Kay Burgess (kmb211)

  3. Hi Steve,

    My Mom and I counted today....12 days left until you are here. Nic and Luc are going to be excited to hear what I have planned. :) Thank you for reading my blog. YOu will love Charlie. I hope your kids do too.

    Love, Hagan

  4. Hi Kay,

    Thank you for reading my blog. :) It was a really fun day. I will let you know if I find the gingerbread man.

    Have fun with your grandkids. I saw my Grandma last week.


  5. Charlie Miller is the best dog in the whole world, in case you all didn't know! Glad that you got to bring him to school, Hagan. I remember getting to bring my dog to school and how I loved it! Have a great week-end! Jo

  6. i love little charlie miller hagan great post

  7. Hi Riley....

    It is Hagan. I am excited you are coming. We are going to shop for Lego's tomorrow. :)

    Love, Hagan

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